How to make tantric love?

The sexual practice of Tantrism is very little spread. It allows a lot of pleasure to both partners. It gives the most intense orgasms in sexuality. However it requires years of practice. How is it practiced?

The origins of Tantrism

Tantrism has its origins in Indian doctrine. It was taken up much later by Buddhism. It is based on the principle of yin and yang, two doctrines which associate the man and the woman. Tantrism allows to forget the external world and to concentrate fully on the sexual act. This doctrine also allows through the union of bodies and souls to enjoy an intense sexual relationship with a level of ecstasy beyond the norm. Far from being an uncommon sexual relationship, Tantrism allows to give orgasm without emitting fluids. That is to say, to raise the sexual energy of both partners to the point of making them cum without ejaculation.  

How to make tantric love?

The first step in Tantric lovemaking is psychological preparation. To do this, this practice requires relaxation and drinking a lot of tea. Aphrodisiac herbs can be consumed to put the individual in an atmosphere in harmony with his environment. Before all these steps, it is important to prepare a place that is intimate and relaxed enough to concentrate. For more privacy, it is recommended to stay away from your phone. It is necessary to put all these five senses at disposal to prepare for this new experience. 

Tantrism goes through a series of massages and meditation. To begin, the two partners sit face to face, still dressed, and begin by awakening their five senses. Then, they can focus on what they like about each other.  The next part consists of kissing and undressing each other, and proceeding with the massage while respecting a set of rules. Penetration can take place depending on how the partner's body feels. Each step requires that the body be in perfect harmony with each other. This is why tantric love requires a high level of experience, especially in order to keep from ejaculating.