What are the best positions for standing sex?

Love is not only made horizontally in bed. You can also make love standing up outside the bed. However, not all positions are practical for standing sex. So what are the best positions for standing sex?

The creeper 

The creeper is a very practical and popular position for standing sex. It is a kind of vertical missionary. Here the woman puts her leg on the shoulder of her partner and he penetrates her by grabbing her buttocks. The creeper is a very pleasurable position. It is one of the best positions for standing sex. 

However, the creeper is a position that requires a lot of flexibility from both partners. You need to have an athletic body and be flexible enough to lift your leg that high and hold it long enough. It would therefore be interesting to take up yoga or another similar discipline to gain flexibility in order to practice this position without much difficulty. 

The antelope

Also called Newton's apple, the antelope position is without a doubt the best romantic position for standing sex. In this position the two partners face each other and the man holds the woman by her buttocks and the woman embraces his waist with her legs. 

The antelope position is very practical and favors sensual and penetrating back and forth. Being face to face the two partners can look at each other directly and kiss during the act. They can also whisper sweet nothings to each other to increase the excitement. However, to last long enough in this position, the man must lean the woman against a wall or any other ideal support. 

With the antelope position it is the man who supports all the weight of his partner. He must be physically fit in order to hold on for a long time. Let us also note that the positions of the wolf or the 69 to the vertical are also very jouissifs. You should not hesitate to try them in order to break with the sexual routine. 

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