Tips for successful foreplay

Foreplay is the most important phase before sexual intercourse. Both partners prepare their bodies for penetration by building excitement. When this phase is not successful, there may be dissatisfaction or frustration between the two partners. How to succeed in this phase?

Why foreplay?

Before coitus, it is necessary to have psychological and physical preparation. Making love is not only about inserting the penis into the vagina and moving back and forth. In fact, this preparatory phase is a moment of intense sharing of sweetness and pleasant pleasure that unites body, soul and mind. Successful foreplay allows you to fully enjoy this intimate relationship and even to easily reach orgasm. 

Better still, it will allow both partners to remember this naughty game of foot in the air. Moreover, holding this type of introduction regularly before the sexual intercourse will bring to each act a drop of originality. However, it requires the application of some tips. 

Tips for successful foreplay

Delicate caresses are the basis for successful foreplay. To do this, you need to know the condition of your hands (soft or rough) so as not to scratch your partner. If they are soft and gentle, you must make delicate movements on certain parts of the body with brief and momentary pressure. If they are rough, it is better to do light touches or buy a softening hand cream. Arms, lower back, buttocks, inner thighs, cheeks, back of the neck, ears, base of the hair are some important areas to target. 

Both partners should kiss with rhythm and elegance, slowing down with each union of the lips followed by a strong and prolonged embrace to return to a moderate movement. Also, one must skillfully use the lips to travel along the body of the partner. It is necessary to pass to the penetration when the pressure becomes very strong. These are effective tips that also reduce the problems of premature ejaculation.